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A Journey

Jul. 4th, 2006

01:01 am - A repost from my stylelife day 3

It turns out this was a lot more nerve wracking task then I thought. When I dialed the first number I was cool collected and what not. I got a caller ID block number, an number of times. Also, I live in a large Latino Hispanic community where many people are not legal immigrants, so suffice to say I got a lot of “you got the wrong number” *CLICK* calls but none the less I persevered. About midway through my calling fiasco, my parents asked me if I wanted to go to a BBQ (I’m living at home right now), so I said yes. Lets just say showering and unshaving were a bitch. So I get there and am my normal DHV self. Very much with my mother shooting the evil eye, when I said mildly suggestive things (And by mildly I mean very much) So I’m drinking because at a barbeque, what else do you do? When B35Milf arrives. My normal state around women I find attractive is to in this order: ball bust, mini rapport, more ball bust, DHV story, mini rapport, more ball bust, deep rapport, close. Keep in mid my parents are within earshot, and I’m still doing my sexual-you-can’t-keep-up-with-me routine (as I look ridiculously young), and my mother keeps shooting me the evil eye. I love it. B35Mif keeps initiating kino, including stories where she puts her arm around my shoulder and the like. So I keep my normal attitude going and we end up getting into a convo on sports on her part, and she mentions that if I want to know hockey we should hang out. BINGO. Lights go off in my head. I’ve created sufficient attraction despite my cockblocking parents and being everyone there’s sixteen to twenty year junior. So instead of closing there I end up continuing to run my normal routine, you know banter, C/F, qualification, etc. So where about to leave when I go to her, “You gotta teach me about hockey, it’s one of those sports, I don’t know about.” Her: “Yea, just stop by.” Me: “I’m always working let you give me my number.” At this point everyone around gives her weird stares and she says and I quote, “I’m just going to teach him about hockey.” Everyone says ok, because as the preachers kind I would never be up to no good. So were saying good by as were about to leave, she unbeknownst to anyone scribbles down her phone number and her name (mind you, I’ve been drinking a lot), and hands it to me, while no one is looking.

Hello, milf f-close! All, I have to do is continue playing my cards as I have, and I’ll be set. Even without a shower in like 3 days, awesome.

Jun. 2nd, 2006

12:33 am - Approach Anxiety Hypnosis Script

I wrote this for use of myself but decided to pass on the wealth.

"Get into a comfortable postion weather it be seater or lieing down it doesn't matter, now close you eyes an take a deep breath, Again take a deep breath. Breathe out all your tension and breathe in relaxation. That's right, Breathing deeeply now, in relaxation out tension. in relaxation and out tension. You can just feel your body melt away as it becomes even more and and more relaxed. Allowing your self to go deeeeeper into a stae of relaxation. Breathing in slowly and out again, relaxation. Letting go of all that tension. relaxation. breathing in deeeeeply and exhaling deeeply. now as I count back from 100 picture each number. and you will become more and more relaxed And the more relaxed you feel the more the numbers will fade and the more relaxed you'll become. at 95 the numbers will fade completley and you will be completely relaxed. 100 fading out slowly breething in deeply 99 breathing in relaxation, 98 and the numbers fade even more sending you into deeper and deeper states of relaxation 97 deeper and deeper 96 almost gone now deeper and deeper 95 and the numbers are gone and you are completely relaxed. And as I talk the sound of my voice will cause you to become more and more relaxed. Sending you in to a deep relaxing sleep. a relaxing deep trance. Going all the way down now. {variations} And you become even more and more relaxed.

Now you can see your self 7 months in the future confidently apporaching women. Women love you and men want to be you. And you can just feel so confident, because it's just so easy. And now you move foawrd in time to a year from now, and you see how easy you can approach women. How efforlessly they fall for you and even 6 years after that you can see yourself apporaching women with complete ease. No fear at all. Easliy and effortlessly you can approach women. You are confident. Women love you. they want you to approach them. You are confident. You are. you are. women love you. Woment want you. Women want you to approach them. The dream of it. You are. you are you are. and with every breathyou take you can feel these fears fade away. slowly but surely they fade away. breeting in now and out these fears. woment want you to approach them you can feel this. Confidence eminates from you. Women want you it is today and you can feel your fears of apporaching women are gone. An you breathin in you feel more and more confident. It is tommarrow and you can see yourself approaching women with complete ease. you are. you are.

On the count of 5, you will come COMPLETELY out of hypnosis, and return to COMPLETE consciousness. ONE. You will come COMPLETELY out of hypnosis. TWO. You will return to COMPLETE consciousness. THREE. Take a deep breath. (Pause) FOUR. You will feel alert and aware. AND FIVE!"

Jan. 26th, 2006

01:14 am - A Run Time

So I was reading David Shades manual, 'cause it never hurts to improve your skill in the sack, and I discovered hyponotism. Up until this point I thought hyponotism was hypnobullshit, but I decided to test it out. So bassicly I looked at Shade's complete script, and figured what was there for what purpose and worked from there. So I called up on of previous PU's whom I f-closed. I convinced her I was a hypnotist telling her I never found a person who I couldn't hypnotize. Then through my extreme coyness, I made her ask for me to do it to her. So bassicly, I bs'ed my way through this, focusing on relaxation, eventually going into a trance. While she was in the trance I decided, that she would live out one of her fantasies, that is she's a dirty concubine and I'm a cruel sultan. so I told her this was her reality, and when she opened her eyes this would be what she sees, and I'm going to ask what her what she did, and shes going to confess what she did that made me mad. She did. Then I had her wake up and tell me what it was like. All in all it was pretty damn interesting and enlightening. Oh and did I mention I did this over the phone? Yea.

Jan. 12th, 2006

04:26 pm - Field Report - The Preachers Daughter

Target: Innocent looking girl, find out that she is a preachers daughter.

Open: She sat down near me during a dinner, I made eye contact and smiled, then turned away after she broke eye contact. She initiated conversation.

Attract: I game her hardcore, and pay attention to body language. She is all over me. Eyes are massivly dialuated. I use some CF and some push pull.

Respond: I qualify her hard core some key phrases:
ME: "Alright, I'm going to take a nap, don't try anything while I'm asleep"
HER: "Psh, you wish."
ME: "Yea, you're right, you probabbly don't have the balls to try anything on me anyway."
(Because I was viewed as the prize in this interaction and I have a high status, I can pull this off. )
I see a large woamn trip:
ME: *Laughs*
Her: *Laughs too*(An attempt to win me over, as I have high status.)
ME: Thats so cruel. Why would you laugh at that?
Her: Huh what...
Me: Well it is kinda funny.
Her: (mentions something about havig thick hair)
ME: Uhh.....Is the a reason you just touched your legs when you said that? 'Cause thats kinda gross.
Her: (Starts to defend herself)[She's qualifing herself to me, if she wasn't attracted, she would defend herself rather she would say something bitchy in responce]


ME: I told you you, you didn't have the balls to try anything.
Her: Uhh..Umm..Well...Uh...You didn't either......
ME: Yea, I never said I did.
Her: We'll how do we fix this then.
ME: (I stand up walk away, turn, look her in the eye when I reach the door, and motion for her to come follow me with one finger.)
I fclose her in a back hallway leading outside of where we were.

Jan. 2nd, 2006

08:29 pm - MY New Method

I like to call it the OARS method. It is simalar to the M3 model, and the FMAC method, except it is easier to remember. OARS

So bassicly you open them, creat attraction, respond in manners that will generate more attraction. Then you seal the deal or close.

PS Don't do PU while drunk, standerds drop rediculously, and game is WAY off.

Dec. 27th, 2005

11:57 pm - Where I Stand; Where I intend to be

At this moment I am, but an AFC. By this time next year, I will be an PUA. I have 365 days to accomplish my goal. I will accomplish my goal. I will become. As of this point, I could consider myself a gPUA or possibly an rAFC, but there is no in between. I have read “Double Your Dating,” as well as Neil Strauss’ “The Game.” I intend to read Swinggcat’s guide, the archive of Mystery’s posts on ASF, Thundercat’s guide on approach, and Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction Material. I will learn. Where I stand: I can #close like it’s my job, and I do get the real numbers, unfortunately I am unsure of how much attraction I generate before I close. As far as *closes and f-closes go, I am severely lacking. Goal: to increase the number of * and f-closes. I will become. Saturday is a New Years Eve Party; there should be at least one girl there. I will practice and have a field report the next day or the day after that.

Current Mood: determined